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Posh Live Shows: 2023 Recap

2023 was a huge year of growth for the Posh Pro Project, mostly because of our emergence as one of Poshmark's top sellers on Posh Live Shows. In October, Megan shared the main stage with the Posh Kings teaching the Posh Live masterclass! It's all worth a look back at an exciting year of exponential sales growth, thanks to Posh Live Shows!

Well it's now 2024. Hoorah! Here’s a quick wrap-up of how we expanded our business LITERALLY 1000% by adding live shows to our Poshmark business with only thrifted product - no pallets!! 2023 was a whirlwind for sure, but also incredibly rewarding and yes, life changing for our family.

We started out 2023 in the beta test group of Posh Show Lives, finding our way in a strange new world… much like the golden ticket winners wandering through the Wonka factory. A little lost, sure, a lot in awe …and mostly making it up as we went along.

We were throwing everything at the wall to see what would stick in the beginning. What drew crowds? Giveaways seemed to work, tagging promo listings, oh yes, and offering to host share shows. So we did. Every Tuesday, we would host a share show and offer up other people’s items for sale, out of the goodness of our hearts…and in the hopes of selling some of our own inventory… and so our audience of glad handing and kindness began to take hold.

Around April or May, my partner in crime, Gemma decided to move on to a job that allowed her to be more present with her ailing mother and adorable little girl. As a single mom, the shows were taxing. As a caretaker, the long hours were becoming impossible for her. We are still great friends and I hope to steal her back some day soon!

She left a hole in the Posh Pro world and it called for drastic measures.. My husband Tim had already been assisting with some of the gaps in the schedule. An on air personality already, he was at ease on camera and gave me a much needed respite now and again during the five to seven hour shows. He didn’t mind jumping on camera at all… in fact, he seemed to love it. What’s more, the audience adored him.

We had been jumping on live without much thought to a schedule, with a variety of “show themes” weekly: Shoes, Plus Size, swim wear, purses… it didn’t really matter… or did it?

Tim asked. What shows are making the most money? What things does everyone like the most?

Well… lets see Lululemon? Sure. But which sizes? How many large sized Lululemon leggings can we acquire? Hmm.. not that many. I mean we could buy pallets… but… that really went against our mission statement. We wanted to save things from landfills, we wanted moms to be able to take our e-learning courses and start their own business from zero. No upfront costs. Thrifting for good or better yet, starting in their own closet! So we focused on product acquisition. Where and how do we get the MOST product for the least amount. And how do we make sure we have the MOST product that the MOST shoppers would bid on?

Well, everyone likes purses… aha.. they do don’t they? yep. No matter what size shirt or shoe someone wears, they can all use the same purse. We took a hard look at our inventory and started stuffing the remaining clothes into the purses - theme based when possible… and started only running purse themed shows. By July, we had tripled our sales. By August quadrupled. And our “stuffed purses” were super popular! We also determined that a one price point show was easiest. Sure, some things were worth way more, but for the most part, people bid those things up. It was clean, easy and importantly, easy to remember. $8 dollar starts became our mantra. We yelled it, we chanted it, we promoted it… and the audience grew.

We also wondered how people found us when our shows changed time slots so much. Coming from a sports and news background, Tim’s brain works like a television producer. We needed a time slot. A schedule. So we gave ourselves one. Or three actually. Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 9pm EST until the weee hours of the next morning. Now everyone could find us. Consistency proved key. Our sales doubled again.

That’s when Poshmark came knocking. We got asked to speak at Posh Fest in October in San Diego… teaching the Master Class with the Posh Kings. It felt like the big time. I was not a newbie to Posh Fest. I had assisted as a closet consultant the year before in Houston. But this felt bigger. People were excited to meet us. Poshmark, smartly, was starting to capitalize on their live show “stars”. Walking around Posh Fest with the Posh Kings, in their head to toe Versace garb, we were mobbed for photos. We spoke to two separate crowds of people about how and why live shows had become our mainstays and how they could possibly do the same.

Sure we have the e-learning and inventory boxes on our website and yes, the podcast, has become very popular but the lions share of our earnings for the year year came from Posh Shows.

I feel so incredibly blessed. I had a boss and a job that was fine but not my own business just two short years ago. Now I shop for a living, saving beautiful things from landfills. I fix and clean purses found at estate sales and thrift shops, set them up on our set (it looks like Christmas) and sell them for $8 starts three days a week to one of the largest , most loyal shopping audiences on Poshmark and beyond. How wonderful is that? We could not do what we do without our audience. They are kind, helpful to each other and genuinely seem to miss and love each other! All people that have never met in person and cannot even see each other. It’s amazing the relationships you can build and foster in a little poshmark live show world!

Tim and I want to wish all of our audience members, all of our dear PFF’s, all of our fellow Live sellers and the folks at Poshmark, a very Happy, Prosperous and exciting 2024! We cannot wait to see what this bright new year has to offer! See you on Poshmark!