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Corporate marketer turned expert reseller, Megan started the Posh Pro Project to teach you how to earn financial freedom online with the formula that changed her life.

After selling online as a side gig for over 25 years, Megan has discovered and perfected the step-by-step guide to success that allowed her to quit her 9-5 and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars selling from home.

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Resale is helping save our planet. We love that thrifting keeps beautiful clothes from landfills. Fashion is the #2 (after oil) industry polluting our air and water. With our Poshboxes, you can join the resale revolution and improve your reselling business by learning all of our Poshmark reseller tips!

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What We Do

At Posh Pro, we strive to help you learn all of the essential reseller tips you need to be successful on Poshmark and other reseller platforms! Learn how quality inventory purchased through our Posh Boxes, engaging with fellow Poshers, having the right organization strategies, running your closet like and full fledge business and other insider tricks will help increase your Poshmark sales. Register for our e-courses to learn about the Poshmark algorithm, how to shop for the best items, and more!

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