How To Increase Poshmark Sales In 2022

It’s another new year! Happy 2022 Poshers! And with the new year comes new opportunities to drive potential buyers and sales to your Poshmark closet. While you are on the resolution train this week, don’t forget to add your Poshmark goals to the list. Checking off a few easy Poshmark resolutions will help you achieve an increase in sales which boosts your overall January profit margins, and of course, will help you gain those all important followers. More followers = more potential buyers. There are some essential things that you can do to attract more Poshmark users to your best listing. Here’s Posh Pro Projects Priority List of Resolutions for our closets for the New Year 2022!


It’s crucial to remember that the goal of selling a product is to make a sale. How can you pique the interest of your customers to check out your items? Start by catching their attention with an easy-to-understand, descriptive and appealing title. When creating a title, make sure everything you’re item offers is crystal clear.

  • Eliminate filler words in titles. Avoid including filler words in your product title by keeping it succinct and accurate. Aside from being meaningless, it also has a negative connotation. It is critical to create a title that sounds self-assured, as if you are making a strong endorsement of the product.
  • Provide a keyword. Your best friend in the search world is a search engine! When people do a Google search for your product, it will be more visible since keywords are included. Aside from using filters, customers frequently use keywords to look for specific goods on Poshmark, so keywording is beneficial not just in the internal search tool but also on external engines such as Google that searches inside Poshmark. Remember, the best sale is a google search sale! They are looking for your item! They are a HOT hot lead and more likely to snatch up your listing at full price since they want it and have been searching for it!
  • Avoid typos. When it comes to titles, no mistakes are allowed. While humans can comprehend even a few misspelled words, cyberspace cannot! Silly mistakes may have an influence on the product category and search engines and could leave your listing in lalaland doing a whole lot of nothing! Make sure that all relevant information is correctly spelled out if you want to increase consumer traffic to your product.


You will need at least 50 followers (and 100 is better!) before many shoppers will even take note of what you post in your closet. Some users have a huge following list of around 10,000 or more and they really do dominate the Poshmark shopping experience. As we have said, again and again, the algorithm favors the active! In order to increase your followers on Poshmark, interact with other users by replying to their comments and likes – this also means uploading good quality, well-lit images for each product so that shoppers know what it is you are selling.


You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, as the saying goes. That could never be more true than in internet sales. That’s exactly why pictures are so very important to sales. As a Poshmark seller, you must always think like the consumer. This way, you’ll be able to figure out whether the thing you’re looking at is appealing and could attract both new and old Poshers. When you are first starting, ask friends or family to “shop” your closet and look for typos, bad photos or items that’s descriptions confuse them. Of course, no one wants to buy something with flaws. So here are some important things to consider while uploading item photos.

Lighting. It’s easy to overlook the importance of light when photographing a product. When you picture your products, it’s difficult not to think about lighting. To create an impact on people, remember that excellent illumination is essential. In order to avoid any shadows, make sure you have several sources of light while taking a photo of your goods. You may also use exposure to make the image seem brighter and more appealing. Camera stand lights are very inexpensive these days and can be found at almost any discount retailer, like 5 Below.

Background. A clean background is a big advantage. Not only does it eliminate background noise, but it also makes your product stand out. The goal of utilizing plain backgrounds such as walls, fabric, or poster board is to make your item look presentable and appealing. It’s also a good idea to avoid using black or dark gray since they’re going to draw more attention to the object. There are a multitude of apps that help with background, brightness and overall photo upgrades!

Avoid wrinkled clothes! IIf you’re marketing clothes, keep in mind that well-ironed and stain-free clothing appears clean and crisp, giving your buyers a great impression of your high quality listings. You want your apparel to appear intentional. Avoid seeming unprofessional by steaming or ironing your garments before photographing them. It’s also a good idea to stay consistent. Try to keep your main photos consistent, your backgrounds in the same pallet as your other listings, and use the same or similar graphics and fonts. Consistency looks crisp, confident and professional: the hallmarks of a great closet!


You really need to add a lot of detail in the product description section when posting on Poshmark. I do not care what you see other people do in their listings. They are not as professional as you are! Right? You should always include things like measurements, how much wear it has received, full outfit photos if appropriate, materials used, style details, and whether it is smoke free/pet free or brand new with tags. This will help you sell your products without any back and forth questions. It will also reduce returns, which is always a hassle.

Another good tip for increasing Poshmark sales is to use hashtags in each post. It helps customers find out what other users have been posting under certain categories that they might be interested in for instance fashion-related hashtags such as #ootd, #fashion, #style, etc. Poshmark has recently added a style tag section. You are allotted three hashtags. You do not need to adhere to the dropdown menu provided. You can also add additional hashtags in the description. These will still be picked up by search engines such as google.


If you’re looking to take your Poshmark sales to the next level this year, have a word with experts from companies like Posh Pro Project. We can help you get more information about what makes an excellent product listing and how to achieve a higher number of shares by your followers. You will need quality images that show off the right angles, good lighting, and attractive background colors. Always communicate well with customers who make purchases through comments or bundles too so that they enjoy shopping your closet. Ask them to follow you, to come back for repeat customer discounts and point out similar items to the one they purchased that are also in your closet! Remember, interaction is KEY to your success on Poshmark.


It is important to list at least 5 products daily in your Poshmark closet so that you will have a greater chance of getting those orders from customers. That includes re-listing something if you are in a hurry. You can also use keywords as mentioned above to increase visibility on the app, but make sure those terms are unique and not commonly used by other users as well (you don’t want them stealing your traffic source now do you?), which is why I suggest avoiding the drop down menu options. Get creative!

If you were able to drive more traffic towards your listings in 2021, congratulations! You must be seeing even more Poshmark sales coming through right now. Make sure that you keep encouraging your customers by engaging with them and thanking them for their purchases. Congratulate other users for big sales and offer help! If you are reading this blog, you are part of the Posh Pro Expert Posse – we encourage helping others. On Poshmark, encouragement and kindness are keys to engagement. Engagement is the key to sales.

Remember, Poshmark sales can be better this year with new goals set to achieve an increase in sales, boost profit margins, and drive more followers to your closets. Our experts have achieved these goals by navigating the common pitfalls on Poshmark. Increase your Sales today by checking out our Poshmark Courses to increase your sales in 2022!